Meet The Team!

Nicole Smith Lips and Lattes

Nicole Smith, PA

Founder & Advanced Cosmetic Injector

Nicole specializes in anti-aging medicine. With the help of Dr. Joseph Cerni, my mission and passion is to help people recognize the first signs of aging and stop’em in their tracks! It's always been my dream to have a practice where I could treat the affects of aging. I have been a Physicians Assistant for over 13 years, serving in women's health and wellness. You can see me in action on my Lips and Lattes social media pages!
Opening Hēbē Skin Health in 2017 has given me the opportunity to truly help women in the ways I had always hoped. I have become an expert at using facial filters, learning the art of subtle facial sculpting. My favorite area to treat are under the eyes. When plumped just a little, this delicate area can breath life into a woman's face. Lip fillers, also, have become one of my specialities and one of the most sought after procedures. All in all, I am so honored to treat women (and men) seeking youthful and rejuvenated skin.

Dr. Joe Cerni, D.O.

Medical Director

Dr. Joe Cerni is a cosmetic physician, researcher, and speaker specializing and highly skilled in Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine. He believes in performing safe, comfortable, and effective facial rejuvenation that focuses on “getting it done right the first time”. Dr Cerni has spent the last 37 years dedicated to designing an integrative approach to health, wellness, nutrition, and beauty in order to further evolve his practice.

At Hēbē Skin Health, Dr. Joe Cerni, D.O., is the clinical director and partner with Nicole Smith, MSPA.

Darlene, RN

Aesthetic Injector

Alisha, RN

Aesthetic Injector

Miranda, RN

Aesthetic Injector

Claudia, NP

Aesthetic Injector


Office Manager


CoolSculpting Specialist & Patient Coordinator


Patient Coordinator


Patient Coordinator

Why HeBe?

At HēBē Skin Health, we use advanced injection techniques to correct and restore facial proportions to a more youthful state. As we age, the internal structures of the face begin to shrink, causing the skin to sag. Fortunately, there is hope! Expert placement of facial FILLERS and BOTOX (or Dysport) can support and lift the skin again, reversing the signs of aging!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to build self-confidence in women of all ages by providing anti-aging regimes through facial sculpting and specialized skin care. We strive to create natural looking results that promote beauty and health!