HēBē's Beauty Secrets


Secret #1 : Safeguard Your Skin

Join us on our sunscreen campaign! Wear sunscreen faithfully- 365 days a year, rain or shine, inside or out. Sunlight is causing daily DNA damage to your skin without you even realizing it! There are abounding benefits to wearing sunscreen. Daily application helps prevent facial brown spots and skin discoloration. It also slows the development of wrinkled, premature skin. Make sunscreen an everyday habit with at least an SPF 30 broad spectrum cream. 


Secret #2 : Treat Your Neck with Your Face

Use of the same products you put on your face are a good idea for your neck too! Treat your neck as an extension to your face.  Indeed, your neck often looks older than your face because the skin is thinner and lacks bone structure for support. Don’t neglect your neck! Apply a generous amount of your favorite anti-aging blend, from hair line to neck line.


Secret #3 : Focus on the Eyes

The fragile skin that surrounds the outer area of your eyes can be quick to develop fine lines and wrinkles. The eyes show the first signs of aging due to loss of collagen and elastin. It is important to stimulate the regeneration of healthy skin with lasers and products containing age-defying ingredients. Starting an early eye regimen will keep you looking years younger!



Secret #4 : Make Botox Your Best Friend

If we had the key to eternal youth, this might unlock the door! The best time for Botox is before the lines appear. Use Botox as a preventive treatment, rather than waiting until lines become etched into the skin. It is more difficult to smooth the appearance of wrinkles if they have already formed. Crows feet and frown lines can be completely avoided with consistent treatments.


Secret #5 : Use a Product with Retinol

Hands down the most biologically proven topical anti-aging ingredient is vitamin A, known as retinol, which has numerous astounding benefits for the skin. This superstar ingredient prompts skin cells to turn over, making way for new cell growth. Pore size, uneven skin tone and wrinkles can be minimized with daily use of high quality retinol products.


Secret #6 : Boost Your Collagen Production Regularly

Collagen building lasers, exfoliation with microdermabrasion, and chemical peels can fight the effects of aging by improving skin tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles. These treatments create tiny micro wounds in the skin which promote healing and rejuvenation of new collagen.